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We are voting YES!


This election, voters have an opportunity
to invest in Pima County’s future. 

The Pima County Democratic Party
strongly encourages you to vote 

YES on all seven propositions
and we have seven good reasons why!


1. From investing in the expansion of successful job training programs to the development of technology and innovation hubs to growing our vital tourism magnets, the Pima County Bonds are vital to our economic success and job growth.


2. The Pima County Bonds are an investment in repairing our crumbling infrastructure and prevention of devastating failure. The repairs include roads, drainage, flood control and pedestrian walkways throughout ALL of Pima County, not just Tucson. Rapid growth and expansion in Pima County has put increasing strain on our dated infrastructure that we can no longer wait to fix.

3. Pima County cares about the basic safety of your family and loved ones. The 2015 Bond Package will increase lighting in our parks and sports fields for our children. It will build a new Sheriff Substation in the growing community of Vail as well as expand our Medical Examiner’s office. Did you know that our Medical examiner’s office performs autopsy’s and death investigations for the surrounding 10 counties? By voting YES on the bonds this office can get the technology and space needed to help solve cases faster and help get criminals off the street.


4. Pima County’s tourist attractions are incredible, one of a kind treasurers that we must cherish and care for. Tourism is a $2.8 billion industry that employs over 20,000 Pima County residents and attracts high wage employers seeking quality communities to relocate. Voting YES will not only improve attractions such as Colossal Cave, Temple of Music and Art, Sonoran Desert Museum and the Reid Park Zoo, voting YES will create jobs and bring millions of dollars into our local economy.

5. Pima County’s natural environment is the number one reason visitors come to our region. The Pima County Bonds invest in Open Space, conservation, and preservation projects that benefit the entire community.

6. It is affordable! An average homeowner will pay just $17.54 a year to enjoy the benefits of all 99 projects. Even if you only use 10% of the projects listed, it is still a steal! Less than $18 a year for safe roads, better parks, new attractions to take your family to see, a better economy and more jobs. You can’t beat that.

7. Last but not least: The Pima County Bonds come with accountability, transparency and peace of mind that your investment will be spent wisely. The County Bond Website includes full details, costs and implementation plans for all seven propositions. This information will be regularly updated with the current status of each project from start to finish. In addition, the citizen run Bond Advisory Committee has full oversight of the projects from planning to completion.


These are just seven of the many reasons to vote YES for ALL SEVEN of the
Pima County Bond Propositions (425 – 431).

Vote Early Today by Mail or at One of Three Early Voting Locations.

Once you have voted change your Facebook or Twitter profile picture
to remind others to vote YES as well!



Give locally and really make a difference!