Democratic Values and our Public Schools

March 13, 2016:

What does it mean to identify yourself as a Democrat? To me, being a Democrat is all about inclusion and opportunity. The opportunity to choose a career path should be open to anyone who wants it and is willing to work for it. Regardless of the circumstances of their birth. That’s what built America, and we are reminded that Democratic values are really basic American values that we can all be proud of.

So how do we make it possible for every child to be able to choose the career they really want? An education system that is powerful enough to extend into the poorest neighborhoods doesn’t just “happen,” it has to be built. Time and money and energy have to go in to our public schools in order to attain this high goal. It’s no less a project that putting a man on the moon or any other massive undertaking that this country has made happen. It requires a long-term commitment of the American people based on their understanding of how much it means to all of us.

Long-term investment in the social structure of America is not on today’s political menu, however. The complacency of the American voter has allowed the profiteers to take control of our democracy. Does that sound a bit too radical to you? If it does, then I invite you to open your eyes and look around at what the state of Arizona has done, and continues to do, to its public schools. It is truly a nightmare.

To those of you who understand what’s happening, you must continue to speak out. Don’t stop now – get louder. Spread the word to those who don’t see the bigger picture. Stand tall and be proud of your Democratic values of inclusion and opportunity. Because that’s what democracy is all about.

Jo Holt
Pima County Democratic Party

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