Executive Committee endorses Open and Honest Disclosure Amendment

The Executive Committee of Pima County Democrats endorsed the Open and Honest Disclosure Amendment Initiative at its meeting on Monday, March 7. This is a 4-page constitutional amendment that affirms every Arizonan’s right to know the identity of any donor who spends more than $10,000 to influence a candidate election in Arizona. Terry Goddard is leading the effort to put the initiative on the ballot in November.  The amendment is very simple and provides a way to trace contributions back to the original contributor, even when they have been passed from one group to another in an attempt to hide that source.  It contains significant penalties if the spender fails to disclose properly.  Some of the details of the amendment include:

  • Requires 24-hour public disclosure of the original source of any expenditure in excess of $10,000 to influence an Arizona candidate election.
  • Original Source is defined as the person or corporation who made a contribution from its own funds (not from contributions or gifts) that ended up helping to finance a campaign in Arizona, regardless of how many times it was passed around.
  • Intermediary Source is defined as a person or corporation who passed along a contribution from an original source that ended up in a campaign in Arizona where it helped to elect or defeat a candidate.
  • Disclosure must be made under oath and subject to penalty of perjury.
  • Enforcement by filing officers; fines up to 3 times amount if not properly disclosed.
  • Citizens may pursue enforcement action.

Petition signatures are needed to get the initiative on the ballot.  As of this date, a paid petition effort is underway, but a volunteer effort will be needed as well.  (Please note that the paid effort also includes the “top two” initiative — the Pima County Democratic Party has not endorsed this separate petition.)   The volunteer effort is for the dark money petition only.    We challenge you all to circulate petitions and we will see which precinct gets the most signatures.  If you are interested in getting signatures for this effort you can contact the Southern Arizona Coordinator,  Merrill Eisenberg at 520-245-0258, or eisenberg.merrill@gmail.com.

The full text of the proposed initiative is available here or at the Secretary of State website.

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