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This Thanksgiving, there is much to be thankful for as a Pima County Democrat. While the national headlines detailing the Trump transition seem grim, and the state legislative majority is set to continue their criminal defunding of public education, I am thankful for the promise and hope of community organizing. Just this past week, almost […]

Prop 123: #RememberInNovember

May 20, 2016: I want to thank everyone who voted NO on Proposition 123 this week. And I want to congratulate those who actively worked against its passage – and FOR the public schools in Arizona. The positive spin put on Prop 123 is based on a fundamental fallacy: that the Governor and the legislators […]

Vote NO on Prop 123

April 27, 2016: Over the last few months I’ve heard arguments on both sides of Prop123, which is a constitutional amendment that permits an increase in state land trust monies to schools over the next decade. Upside: desperate schools will get some money right away (maybe). Downside: we give the legislature new tools for cutting […]

Democratic Values and our Public Schools

March 13, 2016: What does it mean to identify yourself as a Democrat? To me, being a Democrat is all about inclusion and opportunity. The opportunity to choose a career path should be open to anyone who wants it and is willing to work for it. Regardless of the circumstances of their birth. That’s what […]

Whose Responsibility Is It?

February 5, 2016: I find it really interesting to talk with people who aren’t part of the political process. That may be because I spent most of my adult life as one of them. I mean, I always voted, I watched the news on TV, and I even read the local newspaper sometimes. But I […]

The Way Forward

January 13, 2016: In my short tenure as Chair of the Pima County Democratic Party I have interacted with close to one third of our precinct committeepersons and have heard a wide range of opinions on the resignation of our former Chair and the events leading up to it. The one commonality expressed is a […]

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