Democrats of Greater Tucson (DGT)

The Democrats of Greater Tucson (DGT) is Arizona’s only weekly forum for Democrats.  Every meeting has speakers addressing subjects of political interest.  Frequently, especially during campaign season, Democratic candidates announce their candidacies and present their platforms at DGT meetings.
For information on meetings and topics or if you are interested in speaking to the DGT please contact 1st Vice President and Program Director Rod McLeod at (520) 360-7855 or e-mail –

The Democrats of Greater Tucson’s meeting is held each Monday (except holidays) at 12 noon in a luncheon setting at Dragon’s View Restaurant.  There is a required nominal charge of $3.50 for a beverage.  An optional buffet lunch is available for just $10.00 that includes beverage and dessert.  Both prices include tax and tip. Credit and Debit Cards are accepted, but will incur a $2.00 processing fee that is added to the price of your meal.

Please go to the PimaDems Calendar listed below for the current schedule of upcoming meeting topics and presenters.

Contact Us:  DGT at Pima County Democratic Headquarters – (520) 326-3716


The Democrats of Greater Tucson celebrated its 35th year as “DGT” in 2014, as we marked another anniversary of losing the “young”, as in the “Young Democrats of Greater Tucson” in November.  We achieved this stepping-stone through hard work, showing fiscal responsibility, and by sticking to the original concept formulated by the founders of the shortened DGT; all Democrats get to speak.

Back in ’71 when DGT lost the “young” in the group’s title we gained the ability to be diverse not just in age but also in thought, race and political spectrum.  As long as one adhered to the moniker of “Member of the Democratic Party”, one could get on the speakers list.  As a result, DGT attendees have heard from Democrats across the wide spectrum of the party,  leaving all who participate richer as the result.

All of this does cost money to put together.  However, DGT remains the one of the lowest if not the lowest priced Democratic Clubs in the state.  The annual dues is $15 or just $1.25 a month. That makes the cost just over $15 a month for an individual to participate every week in all that DGT offers.  Isn’t it time to consider joining or renewing for less than what it costs  at many restaurants for lunch by itself ? (When one calculates  DGT’s  expenses per month Dues + Minimum Charge per session.)

That does not even take into account the programming.  The 2015 campaign year has just arrived, and the city election loom large in every Pima Democrats’ mind.  To that end DGT already has Vice Mayor Paul Cunningham and County Democratic Chair Don Jorgensen on the speaker list.  DGT attendees will also be hearing from many of the groups  impacted by next years critical mayoral and city council races.

When you consider that one can enjoy a beverage for $3.50 or the extensive luncheon buffet for $10.00 and both prices include an insightful speaker and pleasant company.  It’s hard to think of any better way to spend the first hour of a Monday afternoon.  Contact 2nd Vice President Kathy Ramage-White our Membership Chair (520-979-4342) for further information!



Jackie Day(520-743-9806)

1st Vice President (Program Chair):
Rod McLeod (520-360-7855)

2nd Vice President (Membership Chair):
Kathleen (Kathy) Ramage-White (520-514-1626)

Andrea Merola-Kennedy (520-325-3935)

Steve Linder (h: 520-514-1626; c: 646-671-7129)

Representative to Pima County Democratic Executive Committee:
Jeanne Christie (h: 520-444-5194)


Every Monday (except holidays)
12 Noon (Meeting begins at 12:15)
Dragon’s View Restaurant
400 N Bonita Ave (Just west of I-10 Freeway, between St Marys & Congress St)


$15.00 per year

To pay your $15 dues, you may turn in your dues at one of our luncheons, or you may mail your check to DGT, P.O. Box 41573, Tucson, AZ 85717. You may also pay on-line at ACT BLUE.


Contact:  Kathy Ramage-White, (520) 979-4342 (leave a message)


Contact: Jackie Day, (520) 743-9806 (leave a message)

 Facebook Page:

Current News Letter Link (June 15 to Aug 10, 2015)

DGT Bylaws Revision – 2014

Upcoming Speakers

April 13th: Michael Dues, Professor, Communications Department, University of Arizona – Framing Arguments for Political Debates

April 20th: Sam Almy, Director, Communications, Arizona State Democratic Party – Results of 2014 Election, What Have We Learned

April 27th: Barbara Warren, Physicians for Social Responsibility – Emergency Preparedness in our Community

May 4th: Terry Goddard, Former AZ Attorney General / Candidate for Governor &, Secretary of State, Dark Money in AZ Politics, How We Remove It

Potential Future Speakers and Topics:

(If you do not find a speaker or topic that interests you, please contact Rod McLeod with your suggestion[s]!)

Changes to Medicare and Medicaid or Health Care Reform and What We Need to Know About the Affordable Care Act

Arizona List and Emerge – The Importance of Candidate Recruitment

Jeff Biggers, Author, Journalist and Historian – Discusses his book:  State Out of the Union: Arizona and the Final Showdown Over the American Dream, Biggers, Jeff.  State Out of the Union, New York:  Nations Books a member of the Perseus Book Group, 2012.  Print

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